The Market Kitchen- A Chapbook of Recipes and Thrift for the Home Kitchen by Odessa Piper

Drawing on her decades as chef–proprietor of L’Etoile, The Market Kitchen is a view into some of Odessa Piper’s strategies for managing the abundance of farmers market produce. This sampler starts with eight recipes and dozens of adaptations that bridge the seasons with thrift and creativity. In tandem with Eric Lewandowski’s colorful block prints of favorite fruits and vegetables, Odessa weaves tips and methods to support your own market-inspired cooking.

“Odessa understands good food. And her recipes are priceless. This booklet gives us a backstage glimpse at how a great chef celebrates food. To the serious cook, this booklet is poetry. And to the less inclined, it nudges us in the most pleasurable way to learn and care about our food.”— Didi Emmons, Roving Food Consultant and Educator, and author of Wild Flavors